Why I Started Using Essential Oils

This is the first post in a series I’m doing on essential oils. I thought I should start with how I ended up using them. If you know me or have followed my blog, you know I struggled with infertility for 6 years. Along that path is where essential oils found their way into my home.

For the first year that we were trying to conceive I had read it could take couples up to a year to get pregnant and thought it was not that big of a deal. We passed the year mark and I started to get concerned. We still continued about our business month after month to no avail. At the two year mark, I did find myself pregnant, but our excitement was short-lived. I miscarried at 5 weeks. At that point my doctor started his standard protocol, which started with Clomid. A few months of using that, I was again pregnant only to miscarry at 6 weeks. It was just as devastating the second time around.

At that point I decided to really start researching. I began to find out the stuff I was using in my home, on a daily basis, could actually be affecting my fertility and overall health. What I was learning hit me like a ton of bricks. I had NO idea that the Clorox wipes I was using to clean every surface of my house actually contained ingredients that were known developmental and reproductive toxins. Just that word, toxins. I guess I had been going through my life completely naive because I had never considered that the things readily available at the store or the foods the government said were safe, were in fact toxic. I also bought a book called, Naturally Knocked Up, that really opened my eyes. (I obviously knew it was bad to eat processed versus fresh food. I just did not really know that the ingredients could actually cause a lot more health problems than just obesity)

Now that I was no longer in the dark about the junk in my home, I had to begin taking action. This was the point in time when I started switching to organic, non-processed foods. I stuck to the 5 ingredient rule of never buying anything that had more than 5 ingredients and I had to know what each ingredient was, too. And before you start thinking I am so disciplined, I do not always live like this. I am like any normal, busy American and a frozen pizza and occasionally McDonald’s can be on the menu. Food seemed easy to take care of because I would only buy fresh ingredients and look for those organic labels.

The real problem was when I started looking at everything else in my house: personal care items, cleaning supplies, etc. Obviously, if I was going to be getting rid of toxic things in my home, I needed to replace them with something. That is where essential oils came into the picture. A friend of mine invited me to a class to learn about how I could incorporate them into my daily life. I got my starter kit and was excited about the future.

Essential oils have replaced so many things in my home. It has been a mindset change for me. Whenever I have an issue I have had to train myself to think of essential oils first instead of reaching for something else. Now that I do have children, I want to give them the best start possible. I now know better, so I need to be better, not just for me, but for them.

My family is my why. They are why I use oils. These little bottles of goodness are helping me be more proactive with our health rather than reactive. One example I can give is my kids help me clean. I spray my Thieves spray on a surface and they wipe it up. I have no fear of it coming into contact with their skin and do not have to be worried if they get under my kitchen sink and get into things. I am the gatekeeper of my home. I take that role seriously, am honored to have it, and feel empowered by it.

You can make a change today. Every change starts with a step. What will be your first step? Will you research more about the toxins in your home? Will you take the leap with a starter kit? Now that you know better, do better. YOU are the gatekeeper of YOUR home! Let that sink in and empower you as well!

If you do decide to get started today, message me through this blog and we can discuss the specific needs of your family to how oils can help you and to make sure you are on my team! We all learn and grow together and that makes the toxin free journey even more rewarding!