Why I Chose Young Living Essential Oils

So, I told you in my last Essential Oil post how I ended up using essential oils. That process was one that involved a lot of research. A friend of mine had been using Young Living essential oils for a while, but I am a researcher. I looked at several other companies before choosing to go with Young Living. I came to that decision because in my research I could not find any other company that seemed to have the same standards.

Young Living is the only company to have a Seed to Seal promise. You can click on the link to learn more about it. Basically, they adhere to very strict guidelines on their farms, whether it be the ones they own or farms they partner with across the world. Each farm is held to these high standards so as to produce the best quality oil. To put it simply, from the very seed all the way until the seal is put on the bottle, Young Living has their hands in it making sure what is delivered to your doorstep is the best of the best. They do all hand-weeding and use other oils as pesticides. That is amazing! Their practices for picking the strongest seeds and planting and harvesting at the optimum times all play a role in the quality of the oil. Before an essential oil is given the okay to be mailed to consumers, it has been tested at least 90 times! No other company tests that much!

Just to give an example of what lengths they go to in order to ensure the best quality oil is achieved, there is a new oil in Australia that Young Living started working on in 2015. They have worked to make sure the farm is meeting their standards, that the land is ready, and more. They do not expect to have this oil available for sale until the year 2020. Five years will have been put into this one oil! Isn’t that unbelievable?! Their commitment to quality is one of my favorite things about them!

Another thing I like about Young Living is how long they have been in the business. For 24 years Young Living has been around and that is more than any other essential oil company. When I look at other types of purchases I want to make, I often look for established companies, not ones that have just popped up and are unproven.

The quality of Young Living’s oils are evident just by smelling them. I recently taught a class where one of the attendees had been using another company’s oils. She asked if she could get those out and compare them. There were 5 people in that class and with every comparison each person said they could tell a difference in the quality and that Young Living’s were far superior. Young Living oils smell pure, because they are pure. They have no additives, fillers, or synthetics. That cannot be said for every other essential oil company. Just this week a friend came over who said she has been using other oils because they were cheaper. She said she is in the process of switching all her oils over to Young Living because she can also tell a difference just by the smell. She added that she knows her oils cannot be 100% pure because she has to use way more of them in order to get the same effect. In hindsight she now realizes she is probably spending the same amount of money on those oils because she goes through them so much quicker. So, those are testimonies of others, not myself, saying how they can tell a difference in the quality.

Another neat thing about Young Living is you can visit any of their farms worldwide. There is a blogger I follow who lives in Utah and a few months ago she posted about how her family had visited the Whispering Springs Farm in Mona, Utah. She had all these pictures of the beautiful lavender fields. This woman is not a Young Living essential oil user, from what I can tell. So, she was just a normal person going to visit one of the farms. I hope to go there soon!

Just a couple more things I love about Young Living. When you become a member, you then get 24% off retail for any product or oil you purchase. That is awesome! Their Essential Rewards program has been the best way for me to switch out products in my home. You get percentages back each month to get free products later. You get free oily gifts every 3 months. It is just an awesome program that I wish I had joined sooner. Speaking of products, they have over 600 of them! What?! So, that basically makes Young Living my one stop shop for oils, personal care items, cleaning supplies, supplements, and more. I no longer have to spend tons of time reading labels and making sure certain ingredients aren’t used. I know I can trust what I am purchasing, which saves me a lot of stress and time.

So, there you have it-my reasons why I chose Young Living. Ready to jump in and make an incredible choice for your family? Use the link below and you will be directed to the site that will allow you to choose your Premium Starter Kit. By using the link, it will also put you on my team. I would love to learn and grow with you. Let’s make these changes together!

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