Weathering Wood

If there is one thing I regret when we built our house is that we did not include a mudroom. Granted, funds were limited, but I am now seeing how it could have been quite useful. Looking around and pondering how I could make do without one, I thought about this nook in the back corner of our kitchen. Originally, I had my sewing machine and crafting supplies there but it really wasn’t big enough to do any big sewing projects. I knew I wanted a beam or shelf above the coat hooks and set about checking my garage for any spare wood. I stumbled across a beam leftover from when our deck was built and cut it down to size with a reciprocating saw. The next picture just shows what the original wood color was before I “weathered” it.

My goal was to make the beam look like this beam above our wood burning stove that was from an old barn.

I did not do a lot of sanding on the beam because I wanted it to look rough. I also took a screw and hammer and marked it up to further age it. The next step was to get the wood wet. The reason for this was to make sure it didn’t absorb all the stain. I was going to use a walnut stain and if the wood wasn’t wet, it would immediately become much darker than I wanted. Once the wood has absorbed water, then the stain can be applied and quickly wiped off. I painted the stain on with a paint brush and then wiped the stain off with a towel. This allows the wood grains to still show through as well. The stain alone does not create the weathered look, though. The next step was to mix 4 parts water with 1 part gray paint. I had some old gray paint in my garage, as well, from when we painted our living room. I applied this mix with a paint brush and then wiped it off right away with a towel. And here we have the final product:

The only thing I had to purchase for this project were the L-brackets to support the beam. So, the project only cost me about $6! I am quite happy with how it turned out and can’t wait to use this weathering technique again!

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