We Don’t Know How Long We Have…

Life….we always think we have more time, more days to accomplish things, more years to spend with our loved ones. The truth is, none of us know how long we have left. That fact can fill us with fear or give us joy at what is to come. This earth is not my home. I am just passing through and I wish I was able to remember that more often so that life’s trials would not impact me as much as they do.

Last week 17 people lost their lives in an accident. I’m sure they did not wake up that day thinking it would be their last. In fact, death was probably the furthest thing from their minds. They were in Branson, MO, a place that is near and dear to my heart. My husband and I have been there so many times I know how to navigate it like it’s my hometown. We have often seen the duck boats driving around town, filled with smiling passengers. Memories being made. Pictures being snapped. My family was just there a couple months ago and my husband and I said how next time we would take the kids on a duck boat ride.

In an instant…..those sweet memories forever were changed for many. I do not even personally know anyone who was aboard that ill-fated trip, yet it has still greatly impacted me. Tears have streamed down my face thinking of these families. I started to watch someone’s recording of the boat struggling in the choppy water and had to turn it off because I was too choked up. Putting myself in their shoes, thinking about how it could have easily been my family there facing a dire circumstance continues to linger in my mind. I am devastated for these families.

This tragedy, so close to home, has been a reminder to me how thankful I am that this terribly hard life is just a small blip on the timeline. It is a pit stop before eternity. I am so thankful Jesus paved the way for me to spend eternity with Him. We are all undeserving. We have failed. We have sinned. We all fall short. But, God…..in His infinite grace and mercy sent His ONLY Son to die for us, covering our sins. Imperfect people cannot enter a perfect Heaven. Jesus made it possible. I can look at myself in the mirror and see all my faults, my failures, my shortcomings. Praise God He sent a solution! I cannot imagine someone dying for me. Someone, who was Himself perfect, dying for sinful me. What an incredible gift!

In my mind, I picture me growing old with my husband, seeing our children grow up, graduate, marry, and have children of their own. It is easy to plot out our lives and what we expect to happen when, in reality, those days may not come. But….I can rest in the knowledge that any beauty I see in this life, any joy I experience, pales in comparison to what I will experience in glory! That gives me peace. That fills me with excitement. I need to live my life like today could be my last day. I often live it as though I have so many more years. I want to get to Heaven and to have made a difference for the Kingdom. That’s what this little blip of my life is about….to make a difference, to brings others to Christ. Quite honestly, I feel like I’ve already wasted a lot of my time here on earth seeking selfish ambitions.

Life can end at any moment. Make yours count. Seek the Lord. Find out what Christ did for you and share it with others. Be a light in a very dark world.