Ways I Use Eggshells

Everyone always thinks the main bonus of keeping chickens is for the eggs and, if you can actually go through with it, the meat. An added bonus are the eggshells because they have many uses. There are TONS of ways you can use them, but in order to keep this short so you will continue reading I am narrowing it down to just the ways I typically use them.

Before doing anything with eggshells you want to make sure they are cleaned and dried. One way to dry them is to pop them into the oven at 350 for 5-10 minutes. Then they will crunch up nice and easy.

Ways to Use Eggshells:

  1. Feed them back to your chickens—Eggshells are an awesome source of calcium. My chickens love getting them as a treat and then get the benefit of the added calcium. After baking them, I crush them into small pieces and just throw them out for them to eat as they please.
  2. Being rich in calcium is also good for gardens. Tomato plants notoriously are susceptible to blossom-end rot, which is a sign of a calcium deficiency. Before you put your tomato plants in the hole for transplanting, just throw a few shells down there first. You can also mix them into your garden soil for a boost for all of your plants.
  3. Another use in the garden is for keeping pests at bay. You just throw the eggshell pieces around your plants and it deters the little critters from going near the plant.
  4. If you keep a compost pile, you can certainly just throw them in there. That will get them in your garden eventually!
  5. Instead of peat pellets when starting your seedlings, you can use eggshell halves. That will save you a few bucks each year.
  6. If you haven’t tried making your own water kefir, you should. There are a number of benefits to drinking this daily, but that is for another post. To keep water kefir grains healthy, you need to add some sort of mineral source each time and it is good to rotate these periodically. I rotate between sea salt, raisins, and eggshells. The mention of using raisins has you intrigued now, doesn’t it?!
My kiddos helping me crush the shells. 🙂
They love helping!

These are not even close to all the ways you can use eggshells in and around your home. Like I said, though, I wanted to focus on how I personally use them. That doesn’t mean I won’t use them in other ways in the future. It is just that with all the ways I currently use them, I don’t really have any left over!

Feel free to share in the comments ways you use them!

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