The Results Are In!

Well…..hopefully some good fortune is on its way! The egg did indeed contain a double yolk. Thank goodness. All the build up from yesterday and no double yolk would have been embarrassing. So for those of you who could hardly sleep last night because the suspense was just killing you, rest easy. Hey, maybe you will get the fertility fortune from this egg! Ha!

Here it is…..

I included the picture of the eggshell being crushed up as proof I did not allow that witch to set sail in the shell halves. 😉 Whew. No one wants that!

Aren’t superstitions fun?! I don’t believe in them, but I will say at 40 weeks pregnant I was trying every old wive’s tale in the book to start labor, well, not the castor oil one. That is just gross!

Sorry this post is short. I now have a double yolker just begging me to make some scrambled eggs! Happy Friday!