The Birth Story of Our Son

On this day, one year ago life got crazy! At 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant, I waddled into the doctor’s office praying he would say the following day would be the day. Sitting there, my eyes filled with tears when he said he was going to wait 5 more days!!! I begged him to change his mind, but he was not comfortable with inducing me any earlier.

Downtrodden I left his office in disbelief. There was something about hitting that 40 week mark and still being pregnant that seemed unbearable. I drove to my SIL’s house to pick up my daughter, who had just turned 9 months the day before, and was met with a hug and much sympathy.

As we sat on the floor talking, I suddenly felt a little weird. I stood up to tell her I was going to use the bathroom, took one step……and my water broke! It was so unexpected I just started yelling, “My water broke!” My SIL jumped up and started pushing me towards her kitchen floor so I wouldn’t ruin her carpet! Ridiculous! Haha! We were in a panic and had no idea what to do!

After finally making it to the bathroom, I called the doctor’s office to inform them of the change in plans while my SIL ran through the house looking for a change of clothes for me and getting our children ready to go. In our rush we couldn’t get my daughter’s car seat strapped in correctly and we were just laughing hysterically in the driveway.

My SIL pulled up to the hospital doors and just had to let me go in since she had the kids. I walked into that hospital wearing a nice shirt and sweater, goofy looking pajama pants and winter boots. I was a hot mess! I rang myself into the labor and delivery ward and calmly told them, “My water broke.” Needless to say, they let me in pretty quickly!

A couple hours after being checked in, my doctor stopped in to chat. I immediately yelled out, “I won!” to which he just laughed! Fast forward about 10 minutes and my contractions were just something I didn’t want to deal with anymore and I was ringing for that epidural. For all the mamas out there who did it naturally, my hats off to you, but I wasn’t there to try and be a hero that day. I wanted to experience this as comfortably as possible! My husband even commented later in the evening how things were so much better than he expected. He told me how everyone informed him I would be yelling at him and hating him for doing this to me. He said the experience was actually rather delightful. Another win for the epidural!

Everything was progressing pretty smoothly until the 11 hour mark. My nurse, who happened to be a friend of mine, called the doctor in to check things. Apparently I was bleeding more than they liked and my baby boy’s heart rate was dipping. Before I knew it, I was wearing an oxygen mask while they were trying to see if they could get his heart rate up. My husband, who is unfazed by pretty much everything was pacing around the room with his face as white as a ghost. It was a terrifying experience. As tears ran down my face, the doctor made the call….I would be getting an emergency C-section.

From the time the doctor made the decision to when my son cried his first cry was all of about 10 minutes. It was unbelievable! People just appeared from no where ready to do the job they had been trained to perform. My son was held in the air, all 9 lbs of him and my husband and I breathed a sigh of relief. We found out quickly that the boy had a set of lungs as our parents could hear him screaming all the way down the hall! I’m sure it was a beautiful sound to them as well!

If I’m being honest the next hour or two was rough. The medicine and drugs they gave me for the C-section caused me to be so drowsy I was drifting in and out. I had this feeling that I couldn’t swallow either which was terrible. I had the shakes, hard core. I kept asking for more and more blankets because my teeth were chattering. My body was numb, which made my first moments holding him difficult.

But even through all that and the challenging road to recovery over the next few weeks, I was so thankful. My miracle boy. After 6 years of praying for a family, our family went from 2 to 4 in less than a year. One boy, one girl. Hearts overflowing with love and gratitude!