Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air! Finally! This winter, though lacking in snowfall, seemed like one of the worst I can remember. It was so cold for way too long! This morning I stepped outside to search for signs of spring and they were everywhere from the buds on trees, plants emerging from the ground, and the many birds happily chirping. It was refreshing and if it wasn’t for a child screaming because I left the room I probably would have stayed outside longer!

Spring is probably my favorite season. I say that until fall rolls around and then deem fall as the best, but for now spring is my one of choice. There is just something about driving with the windows down for the first time in months and the warm breeze on my face. It renews my spirit and happiness fills my soul.

Often in spring I start thinking about cleaning projects and rooms that need to be organized. I love going around spraying my Thieves cleaner, smelling the aroma of clove, cinnamon, and lemon. Ha! That was a quick plug there for Young Living. Hehe! But, seriously, I just feel more motivated to clean in the spring time. With the time change I feel a little more pep and seemingly have more energy. The to-do list, however, can be a little daunting. I am a list maker and love the satisfaction I feel when I check something off my Post-It. Last week, I decided I needed to clean my kitchen and not just get the countertops where I could see them and to disinfect. I wanted to go through cabinets, organizing and throwing things out. I’m not even joking, I had 4 “junk” drawers in my kitchen. I don’t even know how that happened. After my cleaning extravaganza, I had 2 trash bags of stuff to throw away, a large box of things for a future yard sale, and was down to 2 junk drawers. I mean, who really needs 5 wooden spoons for cooking? I am never cooking that many things at once. I had what seemed like 5,000 knives that I never use. And there is a reason we call them “junk” drawers, right? Oh.my.goodness! I tell you what, I was so happy when I got rid of some of the clutter!

That made me start thinking about clutter and junk in other areas of my life and I’m not just talking about my closets! With my desire to be more intentional this year, I have found I waste a lot of time. Each unproductive thing, whether it only be scrolling Facebook for 5 minutes, begins to add up and then I have cluttered my life with worthless things. I am not saying I don’t enjoy reading about my friends and what they are up to for the day. That is the problem….I love it more than I should! haha! But….when I do mindless things throughout my day, I end up not being as productive as I should. As a mom of two littles, who also has a household to manage, a husband to serve, and two side jobs, plus trying to find time to blog….my time is limited. So this spring as I clean out the junk and clutter in my home, I am aiming to carve out more time for the things that matter most to me.

I want to climb in bed each night without seeing my cluttered bedroom, but also as my head hits the pillow I want to be able to smile knowing I used my time wisely. I have many tasks and more time to complete them than I usually am willing to admit. 😉 Although, I would welcome help cleaning my house! haha!