Sanitizing After Sickness

The stomach bug hit our home this past weekend and it.was.rough! Luckily, my children were spared the worst of it, but I cannot say their parents fared as well. There is something so completely miserable about not being able to keep anything down. Today was the first day I had a small amount of energy and used it to start cleaning around the house. I hadn’t done any normal cleaning in several days, plus I wanted to sanitize everything from all the sicko germs.

Prior to my journey to “clean” up our home my go-to would have been Clorox wipes. Those things, I thought at the time, were the most amazing invention. I used them daily and on all surfaces. Fast forward to the knowledge I now have about the chemicals and toxins in our homes causing a host of issues from hormone disruption, to respiratory issues, and even being carcinogenic and Clorox wipes will NEVER be in my home again!

I was able to replace almost all my home cleaners with one product: Thieves Household Cleaner by Young Living. Through tests it has been shown to be as effective at cleaning as hydrogen peroxide and better than vinegar. Another major plus is the fabulous scent left behind, not the old chemical lemon smell of old. I no longer need to leave the room after cleaning because the scent is hurting my nose and eyes. I think I actually enjoy cleaning more now, because I love the smell so much of the Thieves cleaner!

So, today I spent a good portion of my energy on spraying down everything and washing all our bedding. For my detergent, I used my homemade detergent which is in a previous post.

Let’s talk about the price. Thieves Household Cleaner is one of the best bargains out there! If you have a membership to Young Living you get 24% off everything you buy making the cleaner only $22.50. Now, before you gasp at that cost….it is 14.4 oz and only takes one ounce per 30 ounces of water to make one full spray bottle. That means you get 14 spray bottles from each container of Thieves cleaner! That is amazing!! Plus, you have the satisfaction of knowing you are spraying your home with a non-toxic cleaner. You can wipe down your table and know it is safe for your children to eat a snack on it. You can clean your countertop after preparing a meal and know the bacteria has been cleaned appropriately and without chemicals.

I am so glad I found this cleaner, especially now that I have littles in the house. Today I sprayed with confidence. The scent left behind was a reminder that I am making good choices for my family.

If you are curious about how to get a membership to Young Living you are welcome to use my contact form and I would be happy to share more information with you.