My Darling Girl

The joy you have brought your Baba and me is immeasurable.
Standing outside that room, hearing your first cries caused me to choke back tears of my own.
There were times on the journey I wasn’t sure we would ever become a mommy and daddy.
Upon holding you in my arms, the bond immediately began to grow.
The happiness of that first week was woven together with fears of not calling you forever ours.
The thought of you not coming home with us was unbearable.
Fragile hearts waited, rather impatiently, for the days to pass, each one marking a step closer to us being a family.
When the clock finally ticked and you were officially ours, I cried and cried overcome with happiness and disbelief and joy I’d never known.
Eyes filled with tears your Baba embraced me and we began announcing to the world that this darling girl would share our name.
You see, you were probably one of the most prayed for babies ever!
So many petitioned God to bring you to us.
They all anxiously awaited news.
I wish I could bottle up all the happy tears shed for you that day!
Yes, my girl, you were an answer to many prayers.
The Lord used you in mighty ways and continues to use your story to give hope to others.
May you always know how loved you are and what a blessing it is to be your mama.

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