Homesteading Reasons

Yesterday, I shared with you my dreams for our little homestead.  My husband, after reading it, did comment he thought I am crazy!  He is a very logical man, so I just have to show him why it would be beneficial.  We are both relatively frugal people, so it is a matter of figuring out how to complete each step and having it be a financially responsible decision.

Today, I thought I would share my reasons why I would like us to become more self-sufficient.  Then maybe it will help you understand my thought process!  Really….I am not crazy!

1.  Simplify, simplify, simplify-  The pace of life these days is just too fast for me.  I hate feeling like I am constantly being rushed from one thing to another, one calendar event to the next.  Having to hit the floor running every day is too much for me.  I do not mind getting up early as I have always been a morning person.  Ask my husband.  He absolutely cannot stand my chipperness in the morning.  (Although, with a baby waking me up every night, I am not quite as peppy as I once was)  I would love to get up early and feed the animals and then sit down with my cup of coffee before everyone else is awake.  I want to instill in my kiddos a sense of calm where we are not running from one practice or game to another.  I want them to enjoy the simple things in life and with our budget, that is about all I can provide.  🙂

2.  Know where my food comes from-  If I am growing and raising most of our food, it provides me the opportunity to know just what it consumed before I am consuming it.  Organic produce and meat is quite costly at the store and therefore not always something I can purchase.  If I was able to grow most of our food right here, then I can control things and not have to worry about pesticides and GMOs and such.

3.  Creating memories-  Some of my best memories from my childhood stem from things we did as a family in nature.  I also want to provide that for my children.  I do hope they grow up with a love of the outdoors.  On our little homestead they could have the opportunity to play with the rambunctious goats and have chickens eating from their hands and then traipsing off to roam the woods.  I believe those will be the things they remember, not the amount of toys they were given.

4.  Instilling responsibility-  Learning the value of hard work is something I want my kids to understand.  On a homestead there are many opportunities for discovering the payoff from tending the animals and tedious tasks, such as pulling weeds.  Leading by example also shows them that working hard is a positive thing and contributes to our family.

Those are just a few reasons and I could name many more.  I do hope we are able to continue moving forward on the path towards self-sufficiency.  Even if we cannot go all out, I want some small aspects of it for all the above reasons.  I would love to some day sit down as a family for a meal that was completely from our land!  That would be satisfying! (and yummy)