Half Our Lives!

This month marks my husband and I having been together for half our lives! At 18, I left my home state to attend college and had told myself I would not be dating anyone my freshman year. Well…..two weeks in I was dating the cutest guy I had ever seen! I had to snatch him up before someone else did! Haha! We have had 18 years of adventures and today, I thought I would share some of my favorite memories.

1. Besides his dashing good looks, I was attracted to his humor. I thought he was the funniest guy I had ever met and proceeded to tell him that. He still reminds me of that, to this day, when I find some of his jokes corny. 😉 He really is, though, still the funniest and wittiest guy I’ve ever met.

2. New relationships….ahhh….waiting for that moment…the first kiss! I remember we were walking along a river and I saw some pretty flowers, just out of reach. He told me he would get one for me if I gave him a kiss. Instant butterflies. I agreed and upon picking the flower he leaned down for me to kiss his cheek. Yes, some of you probably rolled your eyes just now. He had me hook, line, and sinker, though. LOL

3. Once his best friend moved back from college, the three of us were inseparable. Some of the funniest moments of my whole life happened with these two boys because of their antics. We hung out so much that on our wedding day when his best friend was going to drive us to the reception, my husband actually got into the front seat with him after getting me and my big dress into the backseat. We both looked at him like “What are you doing?” It was just habit. He laughed and joined me, which I think he ended up enjoying more!

4. We dated for over two years before he proposed. I thought for sure I knew what day he was going to pop the question and had shared it with some of my friends. Half way through the day a friend from work called me to ask if he had done it. I whispered no and that maybe I was wrong about the day. We got all dressed up to go to our favorite place for dinner and just before leaving he asked me if I wanted my Christmas gift. It ended up being a bear dressed in football gear with a Troy Aikman jersey. Y’all, Troy Aikman was my high school crush. I had posters of him in my room, watched all the Cowboys’ games….So, he knew he had me with that! Upon removing the helmet a ring dropped down and so did he, to one knee, and asked me to marry him. It was so sweet and I was sooooo happy!

5. Our wedding day was one of the best days of my life. By that time, two more years had passed and we were both more than ready to be married. Though, if I had to do it over again all the colors and dresses would be different….but I certainly would walk down the aisle to that man again!

6. We started out with no money. We lived in a doublewide in which the flooring slanted. All of our furniture was hand-me-downs. I remember us having our stereo set on top of a cardboard box! You could reach up and touch the ceilings. But….I would not trade any of that time because having little is what helps shape you. It shows you what is important and causes you to rely on the Lord. It takes your focus off materialistic things.

7. We have had many adventures together. We have been to Branson so many times, I know my way around there like it is my hometown! There were so many camping trips, kayaking trips, and hunting and fishing trips. My absolute favorite trip was a few years ago when we went to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. There was something so magical about that trip! In the Tetons, we would get up each morning and make our coffee on a bluff overlooking Jenny Lake and the Tetons. We hiked miles back into Cascade Canyon and cooked lunch by a pond. Another day the hubby caught trout in a stream and we cooked them right there. Now that is fresh! We dream of Wyoming all the time and cannot wait till our kids are old enough for us to go back!

8. After our years of infertility, standing outside a hospital room waiting for our daughter to be born…..We were holding hands there when we heard her first cries. Walking in, seeing and holding her for the first time…..Wow! One of the most beautiful moments!

9. Two weeks after bringing our daughter home, we found out we were pregnant. That is another great memory, because it was the shock of a lifetime. My husband came in the door from work and I was holding up a test. He was squinting, walking closer, trying to see what I was showing him. Realization dawned on him and he said, “You have got to be kidding me!” All night he paced the house, rubbing his forehead saying “What are we going to do? Two babies?!” It was hilarious. What we didn’t know is that each of us, upon finding out we were adopting a girl, had prayed and asked the Lord to also give us a son one day. And…that is exactly what we got! Our kids are 9 months apart and we are so absolutely in love with them! God is good!

10. In this season, our best things we experience are changing from those 12 years of it just being the two of us. Now we find our enjoyment in watching our kids enjoy life. To see their happiness when they discover something new, or see something for the first time….It is like we are kids again!

I look forward to the next 18 years of adventures! Looking back at the 18, we can see how God weaved everything together and grew us into the people we are today. My prayer is that 18 years from now we will look back at life and see how we grew to love the Lord more and will have experienced our kids coming to know the Lord. That will be my greatest joy! To many more, my dear! I love you!

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  1. Lisa, that was awesome. So well written. Each time you described something, I felt like I was right there.
    Smiles and tears. So thankful for all four of you!

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