Growing boy!

Six months already! My little guy is half a year old! So, today’s post is dedicated to him.

Another six that sticks out in my mind is 6 years. That’s how many years we tried to start a family. Those were the longest years, full of many ups and downs. There were times I thought I would never be a mother. No one can quite prepare you for having miscarriages. It is still almost taboo to talk about them, but the loss is unimaginable. All the what ifs seep into your mind making your already aching heart tear just a little more.

Both of my children have unique stories, ones I can’t wait to share with them. I went from wondering if I would ever be a mother to having these two blessings in a nine month period. Little man’s personality is starting to show. The first couple months were pretty rough, but he has since calmed down and is starting to fall into a groove. One thing that has always soothed him, when he has been seemingly inconsolable, was putting him outside.

His love of the outdoors seems it may rival his daddy’s. He can go from screaming to completely calm the second you take him out there. His gaze will fall upon a tree swaying in the wind or the chickens pecking at the ground. In those moments he is peaceful, taking in the wonder of the outdoors. We often go hiking as a family wearing both the kiddos in backpacks and he will just babble away in delight as we walk down the path. How I hope his love for nature continues to grow as he gets older!

There is so much we can learn from our children if we only allow ourselves to look. One thing my sweet boy has been teaching me is to find time to be outside and just enjoy the moment. Take it in, breathe it in, and be thankful for the beauty that lays before me. Obviously, he is not conveying that to me by sharing his deepest thoughts on nature, but his stillness as he takes it all in is something we tend to lose as we get older. The saying to “stop and smell the roses” comes to mind. Sometimes in the chaos of life, we have to force ourselves to stop, gaze upon the beauty of God’s creation and allow ourselves to become enveloped in a peace only He can offer.

I’m thankful for the little lessons I learn from my little people. Children can definitely build your character, but they can also remind you of things you have long forgotten. Step outside this weekend, for a moment, and take a deep breath. Look around at all that is before you. Think back to when you were a kid and could not wait to go outside and play. In our hurried, busied lives we often think we don’t have time to slow down, but it can be just what we need. Nature can bring soothing to the hurting soul. It can slow time. It can help you refocus on the things that really matter. So, go, get out there. Enjoy the beauty that is calling your name.

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