It creeps in when you least expect it.

It fills every crevice and strangles the hope that has been growing.

Its very presence shows a shift in focus,

eyes no longer fixed on the One who has my life in His hands.

Fear means the loss of control,

the lack of trust.

There is nothing I can do to make this work.

The negative thoughts the cunning one brings to mind rules over the God-breathed words of comfort from my bible.

As I ponder the fear that threatens to overtake me-a realization dawns on me….

The fear is to remind me that God is indeed in control.

In my weakness God’s strength holds me up.

When I decrease, He is then able to increase.

Fear reveals a lack of believing God has the best plan.

Fear brings me to my knees to cry out to God for peace, for comfort, for strength.

On my knees I see the bigger picture, the lessons learned because of the trial.

That is the whole point….

To come out the other side more like Christ and realizing that God had the greatest plan of all.

I do not have to handle my trial perfectly, but I do need to hand it over to the perfect One.