Dove Recipe- One of my favorites!

My husband is an avid hunter and though there are times of the year I feel like I barely see him, he does end up supplying our family with some good, all-natural meat.  One of my favorites is dove! Today, I am going to share my recipe with you and I urge you to try dove at least once!  If you are unwilling to branch out to such things, then this recipe will also work with chicken!

*dove breasts
*Italian dressing
*cream cheese

1.  Marinate the dove breasts in Italian dressing for a few hours or overnight.
2.  Slice the jalapenos in half or in fourths, depending on how much heat you can handle.

(I will explain the gloves at the bottom)

3.  Put cream cheese in the open cavity of the jalapeno. (I have also made this without the cream cheese and it is still delicious)

4.  Wrap one dove breast around the jalapeno piece.
5.  Wrap that with a slice of bacon and use a toothpick to hold it all together.

6.  Grill on medium-high heat until the bacon is crisp.

Doesn’t that look amazing?!

When my husband first approached me, a few years ago, about cooking the doves he had shot, I turned my nose up at the thought.  How could I possibly like dove?  Now, I cannot wait for dove season to come around each year so I can enjoy this tasty recipe.  And with a husband like mine, you know he will come home with some.  🙂


Thank you, honey, for bringing home dinner tonight!

***The gloves:  About 10 years ago I found out the hard way I am allergic to raw jalapenos.  I was making a jalapeno cheddar burger and broke out in a rash after cutting the jalapenos.  Now, I just wear gloves every time I am dealing with them.  😉