Double Egg Yolk???


Yesterday I became quite excited when gathering the eggs from the coop. One of the eggs was the huge one in the above picture. The hen that laid that egg does, in general, lay larger than average eggs, but….they are not usually of this magnitude. My first thought was DOUBLE EGG YOLK! Now, I have yet to crack into this beauty, so unfortunately you will have to wait till tomorrow to know! I need to build suspense, a cliffhanger, so you will revisit! Haha!

I thought today, though, I would share with you some of the superstitions surrounding the 1 in 1000 chance of getting a double yolker. I am personally not a superstitious person, but these are still fun to share. (Well, most of them)

1. The overwhelming superstition is that it means you or someone you know will soon become pregnant and possibly with twins. Now, if you know my children situation, you know I am, for the first time, praying it is not me getting pregnant! Two babies under 1.5 years is plenty enough for me! But, maybe one of my lucky friends will be finding themselves pregnant soon if this enormous egg, when cracked, has the sought after double yolk!

2. It can mean general good fortune. Hey, I could use a little of that right now. Life is hard, so I would welcome just a little dose of some good fortune.

3. A marriage could be in the works. My brother is getting married next June, so that was already being planned. Hopefully that doesn’t mess up me getting some good fortune from this egg. 😉

4. In Norse mythology, however, the double yolker is a sign of an impending death in the family. Eek. I’m glad I don’t believe in superstitious stuff!

Just how does a double yolker occur, you ask? Well, it usually happens in a younger hen whose reproductive system is not quite mature. It can also be a hereditary thing, which I think is what happened in our case. The hen that laid should have a mature system by now. If this does turn out to be a double yolk, it would not be her first either. How it happens, in either case, is that a yolk gets released before the previous yolk clears out of the way resulting in a shell forming around both yolks. Interesting!

One last superstition… It is said you are supposed to break the eggshell into pieces after cracking it, because if you don’t a witch will set sail in the pieces thus causing horrible storms! Hmmmm….who knew so much could happen from a dumb chicken laying an egg. It does bring up the frequently asked question of which came first…the chicken or the egg OR maybe the double yolk egg? Mind blown!

***Remember to check back tomorrow to see if we learned all this information for nothing! Fingers crossed for the double yolk! Come on good fortune!

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