Cast Iron Cooking- Why You Should Get a Cast Iron Pan

There is something about cooking with cast iron that makes me feel like I am going back in time.  Cast iron has numerous benefits and if you don’t have one in your kitchen you should pick one up!

1.  No chemicals/teflon-It has been found that the chemicals possibly transferred from teflon pans can cause a wide array of health issues, including cancer.  Non-stick pans are easily scratched and that can cause these chemicals to leach into the food you are cooking.

2.  Naturally non-stick-  If you treat your cast iron properly, it will be non-stick.  I will share with you how to re-season a cast iron pan at the bottom.

3.  Keeps food hot-  A cast iron pan stays hot longer than other pans, which makes it work great as a serving dish.  Just bring the pan to the table and your food will stay warmer longer.

4.  Lasts forever- Cast iron pans can be passed down generation after generation.  I cannot say that for any of my other pans.

5.  Versatile-  You can cook almost anything in cast iron from steak to stir frys to baked goods.  It can also go from the stovetop to the oven, which is a plus if want to just sear something before putting it in the oven.

6.  Heats evenly-  I certainly have had some pans that did not cook things evenly.  Cast iron heats evenly throughout, thus eliminating that problem.

7.  Campfire-  Cast iron can also be used to cook on an open fire.  There are many recipes out there for cast iron dutch ovens used on a campfire.


1.  Use an oven mitt when cooking with cast iron.  Since it does spread heat evenly, that means the handle also gets quite hot.  Be careful!

2.  Use only wooden utensils in it so as to not scratch the surface.  That can lead to food starting to stick and then you would need to re-season the pot or pan.

3.  When cleaning only use water.  I do not generally use any soap in my cast iron.  This also helps with keeping it well seasoned.  Make sure to dry it right after washing to prevent rust.

4.  Put a little bit of oil in it before storing and rub it all around.  This also prevents it from rusting.

If cared for properly, cast iron gets better with age.  Don’t we all??  You can even pick up cast iron at antique stores for a great price.  If they are rusty, then all you have to do is re-season them and they are as good as new.  Here is a link for a way to re-season them using coarse salt and a potato!  I have done this before with my antique store finds and it worked fabulously.  I take pride in my cast iron pans I brought back to life!  Be looking at my blog as I post some of my favorite recipes with my cast iron skillets!  They are delicious and just seem to taste better from being cooked in the tried and true cast iron!