Cast Iron Skillet Recipe- Salmon and Sauteed Veggies

Here is a complete dinner you can make in less than 30 minutes and is a perfect weeknight meal!

Salmon-  I love cooking fish, because it does not take much time to have a fabulous tasting protein.  Salmon, in particular, contains lots of omega 3s and can help lower cholesterol.  I purchased 2 salmon fillets from Aldi for $7, which is a win!  If you have ever looked at salmon at other stores, it is almost twice the cost.

Crispy Salmon

*1 T coconut oil, liquid state
*sea salt and pepper to taste
*wild salmon fillets

1.  Preheat to 400.
2.  Rinse the salmon and pat dry.
3.  Cover both sides of the salmon with the coconut oil.
4.  Season the flesh side only with salt and pepper.
5.  Warm a cast iron skillet over high heat and when it is searing hot, place the salmon fillets flesh side down for 4-5 minutes.  When the fillets release easily with a spatula, they are ready to be flipped.
6.  Once flipped, transfer the skillet to the oven to continue cooking for an additional 8 minutes.  It should be crispy on the outside and easily flake with a fork.

***My salmon got a little more seared than I would have liked.  Next time I will not heat the pan for quite as long as I did.

I also cooked the zucchini and onions in my deeper cast iron pan with some oil, butter, salt, and pepper.  You can also add garlic towards the end.  If you add it too early the garlic will be burned before the veggies are finished cooking.

There you have it-an easy meal that is quite delicious and all of it made in cast iron!