Baking Fever

Y’all, I can’t stop baking! I keep looking up recipes for holiday cookies, pies, cakes galore. I have been wanting to cut back on my sugar intake since I know how bad it is, but all I want to do is bake. Maybe it is because I have always enjoyed baking but have not had enough time to do it. I mean, I only have two babies that are constantly getting into mischief and need to be fed and changed 5,000 times a day. But other than that, my days are much less work than when I also had a full-time job.

Besides the fact that I love sweets…..hello, sugar addict, I think I just love the whole idea of being a little homemaker. I never thought I would be staying at home and I am loving it! Sure there are days I want to pull my hair out, this morning being one of them, but generally, it is a blast! I love that my husband and my children are my full-time job. I love making meals and keeping a clean house. (Now, most of the time my house is a mess, but I love when I have an occasional time where they are both napping and I can furiously clean!) I have dreams of all the special things I want to do with my children and as a family.

One thing I hope is that my kids enjoy baking with me. I already let my daughter watch me cook things and let her stir. She absolutely loves it! I can’t wait for us to decorate Christmas cookies together! I want them to grow up and have fond memories of the meals made, the time shared. I hope they will have some favorites and will then pass them on to their children.

So, you may be wondering what I have been baking. Yesterday, I made peanut butter cookies. I need to find the recipe again, because it was fabulous. When I read that you roll the dough in sugar, it knew it was the recipe for me! (Remember, sugar addict!) I just pulled shortbread cookies out of the oven while typing this and they smell delicious. Now, not everyone likes shortbread cookies, but they have always been a favorite of mine. I bet you can guess which Girl Scout cookies I buy every year! I just like the simplicity of them. Plus, they go wonderfully with coffee! For Thanksgiving, I am planning on making a strawberry pie, which is a recipe from a good friend of mine that I’ve been making for years. I will try to get pictures of it for you! The standard pumpkin is on the list, too! I am hoping to grow pumpkins in my garden next year to make my own puree! The other thing I’ve made a couple times the past few weeks is what I’m dubbing as Christmas Crack. It involves saltine crackers and a caramel sauce and melted chocolate with some roasted pecans on top.! That is also good with coffee! The problem is, both times I’ve made it I’ve consumed a large amount of it in the first 24 hours. Alas…..I guess I will just enjoy the holidays and bake away. I think my New Year’s Resolution will be to not eat so much sugar during the week but to always make a Sunday dessert. That is a good compromise, right? Also, it doubles as a tradition I hope the kids will always look forward to each Sunday!

Below is a recipe I plan to try for the holidays!