Adventurous Spirit

If there is one thing my husband and I hope to instill in our children it is a love of the outdoors and always being ready for an adventure.  Though we never planned to be married for 12 years before becoming parents, our infertility journey allowed us to have various other journeys as a couple that will always be cherished memories.  Our greatest adventure was two years ago when we traveled to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.  It was the trip of a lifetime and I absolutely cannot wait till our kids are grown enough to go!  Never have I been so in awe of God’s creation and the beauty of it all.  I thought today I would share some pictures from that trip.  Some day we will take our children there and I hope they love it as much as we do!

This was taken about 50 feet from our campsite in the Grand Tetons.  Every morning we would make our coffee and sit and enjoy the breathtaking view.  Coffee never tasted so good!
We took our trip at the end of May, so there was still a lot of snow melt.  Our only way to get across the water was by this downed tree.  This was our 8 mile (round trip) hike to Grizzly Lake.  Thankfully, I did not come face to face with a grizzly that day, but I sure kept an eye on my surroundings!  We saw no one else on our trek to Grizzly Lake and enjoyed the views, the wildlife, and even catching and cooking trout right alongside the stream.
To say my husband was quite excited when we found this elk skull is an understatement.  Picture a kid running into the living room on Christmas morning!  When we first started down this trail, there was a sign posted that read “Not maintained beyond this point” which was enough for me to turn around.  But, no….that made it all the more intriguing to my husband.  We ultimately met a black bear on this trail and decided to head back.  😉

While in the Grand Tetons we took a ferry to Cascade Canyon.  This was one of my favorite hikes!  We climbed a steep mountain to get up into this canyon area and even cooked our lunch of Ramen noodles right along a lake within the canyon.  
This is a picture of the Yellowstone River.  It was majestic!
That trip was the best we ever took, but adventures don’t have to be halfway across the country.  They can take place at a local park, the nearest creek, or even your backyard.  The point is to get outside, enjoy God’s creation, and make memories with your family.  I believe these are the things my kiddos will remember, because they are my fondest memories from my childhood.  May my kids prefer the discoveries made in the outdoors more than the comfort of our couch!