15 Things About Me!

I thought today I would share some things about me you may or may not know. As I was trying to come up with things, I felt a little boring, but here goes:

1. In Kindergarten, I wore boy’s E.T. velcro shoes I had proudly picked out. You wouldn’t think your future social standing could be decided when you are 5, but I am pretty much sure this helped solidify my lack of popularity throughout my school career! haha!

2. I graduated one spot away from being the Salutatorian of my class. The reason why….I got a B in gym class. Ridiculous, since I am a pretty athletic person. I just never could run the mile fast enough. I got a B in a computer class, too, where I distinctly remember helping a lot of the kids in the class. Wonder what grades they got?

3. If the weather permitted, I would gladly wear a flannel shirt, jeans, and boots every day. I used to want to dress up and would even wear heels all day at the beginning of my teaching career. I soon realized that was a dumb idea! These days, I dress for comfort and hopefully don’t look too frumpy!

4. I was very nearly hit by a train thanks to my husband and his brother. They decided it would be a good idea to bow fish off a train bridge. That works well until a train comes barreling around the corner. We all took off running because there was not enough room on that bridge for the train AND us. My husband lovingly left me in the dust to save himself. (something we joke about to this day) I promise you I am not exaggerating here, but we jumped off the end of the bridge, sliding down a hill of rock, just as the train passed. It was blaring its horn at us, urging us to get out of the way. The moment we jumped we could literally feel the train whoosh past us. For a second, I felt like Angelina Jolie in an action movie. After the rush of our near death experience had subsided, it dawned on me how my husband had left me behind. He calmly stated if he had helped me we would have both died. He is lucky I love him so much!

5. I am proudly a left-hander, although, I am a little mixed up. I eat and write with my left hand, but do all sports with my right hand. I have no idea how this happened! I also shoot right handed, though I am left eye dominant. I just can’t get myself to switch!

6. In college, my original Major was in Music. I desired to be a band director! After my freshman year I switched to education but still got a Minor in Music. It was as large a load as some Majors and basically does me no good, but I can say I have it!

7. It was only in the past few years that I started liking coffee. I always thought it was disgusting. Finally, my husband told me I needed to grow up and start acting like an adult. He said, “Adults drink coffee.” Slowly, over time, I developed a great love for the hot beverage and never miss a morning without my cup of joe.

8. Once I drove a race car in a Powder Puff race. I had this rush from it all, the speed, the danger, the not trusting all the other female drivers….When I later watched the video, we looked like old people out for a Sunday drive, we were going so slow.

9. My dream home would be a small log cabin with a river meandering behind it and mountains in the distance. Isn’t this everyone’s dream?

10. I shot a deer with my compound bow a few year ago. I had only been hunting, with my husband, for about 20 minutes when it came by and I was lucky enough to hit it. I haven’t deer hunted since. I guess I feel like it is something I can check off my list! I leave all the hunting to the hubby now.

11. When you have a limited budget you get creative. One way I have saved money through the years is re-purposing or re-doing furniture. Most of the pieces in our house were old and outdated and look amazing now that they have been spruced up.

12. I love to line dance. The night of my 18th birthday I showed up at a local line dancing club and danced the night away. A friend and I often went during our freshmen year of college. We always sprayed ourselves with Febreeze when we left because the cigarette smell was just terrible. Now that I know more about all the chemicals in that, I am a little disgusted that I willingly sprayed it all over me.

13. My husband and I tried to start a family for 6 years. We were then led to adoption and two weeks after adopting our baby girl, we found out we were pregnant, naturally! So our littles, one boy and one girl, are 9 months apart! Life is crazy!

14. I really like to sew. I made a baby blanket before my daughter was born. I have started several other projects, but don’t seem to be able to find the time to finish them. I have ended up being more of a fabric collector than some great quilter!

15. Another hobby I don’t have time for right now, is woodworking. I love building things. I actually built my chicken coop by myself besides using some manly muscles to help carry the big sheets of plywood! I hope to build a farmhouse table soon!

There you go! You now know 15 things about me you may have not known before. I hope you made it to the end and were not bored to tears! πŸ™‚ Leave me a comment with something unique about you!

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    1. Ha! It was def crazy! I taught 4th grade for 12 years before staying home with my babies this year and the “train story” was famous. For years, on the first day of school my new students would be asking me to share the train story. Lol

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